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Moderators will report evidence of illegal activity to the police. Topic locked. I am a pansexual zoophile by lovingpegasister » Thu Apr 26, pm I'm zoophile forum young 20 year old woman. Since I was young, around 9 I've been attracted to animals emotionally, zoophile forum, and sexually. Is this normal?

Is it wrong? I love animals as much as I love people, and I would never hurt one, but I've had sexual contact with a dog once when I was 14 and home alone at a relative's house. It wasn't forced, and I'm embarrassed to admit it, but it happened by accident while masturbating as I had the door closed, but didn't close it all the way.

I don't know how old the dog would be by now, but he was in his late teenage dog years. At first I was nervous and wanted to stop, but the pleasure was incredible so I let the dog continue. The dog had gotten an erection from it so I jerked him off because he was a big dog and while he was very smart and gentle with me, I didn't want to risk seriously injuring myself.

The dog was very happy after our sexual play was over, and seemed to want zoophile forum but I was too tired and exhausted to let him go on. He'd lick at my ears, gentle nibble my nose, or lick at my mouth as the days went on by. We were already close, but after the sexual activity that took place the dog became more affectionate and I realized it wasn't just the sexual activity that I loved, but the dog too.

He didn't even want to mate with other dogs and from time to time become sexually interested in me. Ever since that day I've felt really guilty like I did something wrong and should be ashamed of myself. I used to be very suicidal over it and cry myself to sleep seeing myself as a freak and an abuser and scared thinking what would happen if anyone I knew found out I'm a zoo.

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I've had this weird longing to see the dog again and be with him. I also have another problem: I'm sexually attracted to dolphins, pigs, and horses too. Horses turn me on the most and their smell gets me aroused so badly that I have the urge to masturbate. I don't act out on it, but its becoming bothersome and I don't know if I can even stop it or not. I feel weird for what I am, and it hurts living in a zoophile forum where people you know would disown you and call you a sicko for being a zoophile I struggle between accepting myself for what I am and hating myself for being a zoophile and what I did.

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Re: I am a pansexual zoophile by lovingpegasister » Fri Apr 27, am Can anyone help me? It would be much appreciated. Re: I am a pansexual zoophile by Basilisk » Fri Apr 27, am That must be a really difficult paraphilia to live with. You asked, "Is this normal? Certainly society would have us believe it's wrong - zoophilia is a relatively well-known and widely stygmatized paraphilia, as I'm sure you're aware. Try not to hate yourself though! Society may not think so, but those of us with paraphilias are human too. I hope you find zoophile forum peace and that someone with more insight can help you.

Zoophile forum you think that you feel a romantic attraction to that dog? Have you ever felt any attraction toward other humans or has it always been animals only? What do you think it is about horses in particular that attracts you? Re: I am a pansexual zoophile by lovingpegasister » Fri Apr 27, am I'm pansexual, so yeah, I like people too, I just also happen to like animals. I'm currently in an online relationship zoophile forum someone who shares the same paraphilia as me we plan on meeting soonbut its hard as I'm into polygamy and him not so much but would do anything for me to be happy, and obviously I can't choose one over the other, but I can't help but feel romantically attracted to the dog, he's the most sweetest dog I've known.

Basilisk: I find a horse's strength, gentleness, and their manes attractive. I find more beauty in animals then I do people. I don't mean to offend anyone, but I find humanity to be evil because of all the wrong in the world that occurs that's worse then what happens in nature.

Re: I am a pansexual zoophile by Basilisk » Fri Apr 27, am Eheh, yeah, I should have seen the "pansexual" and gotten that you like people too, but somehow I didn't. XD It's good that you've found someone who shares your paraphilia - I think that can be really beneficial toward self-acceptance and such. Hmm, I've lived with horses all my life, so I'm no stranger to their beauty. They're fantastic animals and more "human," I think, than any other animal I've encountered.

As to finding humanity evil - that's not an undue sentiment. But in proportion to their capacity for zoophile forum, humans are capable of great good and compassion, I think. Re: I am a pansexual zoophile by shadowfangns » Fri Apr 27, am I don't think my first post went through, let me try this again lol. Hey there. It's been a long while since I've posted a response here. But your thread intrigued me as I am also the same way you are. I also happen to be an activist for the zoo community complete with blogs, youtube videos, educating people and the like.

I'm also in a relationship, not online but in person. I've been attracted to animals since around 8 or so. I've been in the community for about 10 years now and I am open to the people around me about who I am. You are not normal. Normalcy implies that the majority agrees, participates or are zoos themselves. Zoosexuals are not a majority, therefore not normal. However don't let that get you down as being normal isn't good or bad, it just is. There is no logical reason to want to be normal other than to fit in with most everybody Well that is debatable.

Depends on the situation. Question is, why would you look to others to tell you if you are wrong or right? I suppose your first objective would be to ask yourself is your dog in any pain because of this? Is he happy and healthy and well taken care of? DId you have to force him to do anything?

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Did you manipulate or coerce him in any way? If you are ethical about it, then no I personally don't see it as wrong. Wrong is making him do something that he doesn't want to do. Wrong is manipulating him with food to get him to perform. Wrong is neglecting to care for him properly I could go on with this. So with that said, if you have any questions that I can further help zoophile forum with, feel free to contact me on yahoo messenger or AIM as zooliberation.

Also google zooliberation and all of my stuff should pop up. Re: I am a pansexual zoophile by lovingpegasister » Fri Apr 27, am shadowfangns wrote: I don't think my first post went through, let me try this again lol. Of course not. So many people would think so. But no. Some people cry the authority card. But honestly, and yes i've watched lots of zoophile videos they get me going lol. Those dogs never look happier than when their female owner lets them put it in. Dogs don't view sex as sacred like our society does.

They do it because they want to and can't be emotionally harmed by it.

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Many people would think it is just "sick". But that is an emotional appeal. Not a feeling based in logic. I'm not sorry if that offends anyone. As I believe it bestiality is the sadistic sex with animals, IE harming them. You love them and it's hence zoophilia not bestiality. Disclaimer: Because society is still based on christian dark ages morality, it may be illegal to have sex with animals where you live.

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Shall I compare thee to a summer's day? Thou art more lovely and more temperate.

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