Conscious Style // With People Tree

People Tree has been a pioneer in ethical fashion for over twenty years, and they're one of the ethical fashion brands that I have the most respect for. While more and more brands are labeling products as "eco-friendly" for marketing value, People Tree cares about the things that no one will ever see and has created lasting change in the communities they work in. They are deeply committed to both people and planet in every step of the process - from cotton farming to fabric weaving to manufacturing. It takes a lot of dedication, perserverance, and time to build the kind of ethical supply chain that they have, and they are an inspiration to many. Since there is so much to say about this amazing brand, I've put together a little list of the top 10 things I love about People Tree.

1. People Tree was the world’s first clothing company to receive the World Fair Trade Organization Fair Trade product mark. They aim for 100% of their supply chain to be fair trade.

2. People Tree empowers over 4,000 artisans and farmers in eight developing countries!

3. People Tree was the first organization to achieve the GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certification for their integrated supply chain that is located entirely in the developing world. Their farmers work in harmony with the land, are able to grow food crops that provide a secondary source of income, receive a pension, health insurance and good medical facilities, and are paid 30% more for organic cotton. By using natural pesticides, less CO2 is created and chemicals do not harm the environment or people.

4. People Tree uses environmentally friendly dyes & supports traditional crafts. They work with two Fair Trade groups in Bangladesh who specialize in hand block printing, and are reviving an ancient craft that started in the 14th century.

5. People Tree designs their products around their supply chain. They design garments that can be produced by hand as much as possible, so products have small carbon-footprints.

6. People Tree creates access to markets and opportunities for people who live in the developing world. They are helping to alleviate poverty in the world's most marginalised communities.

7. People Tree products are high quality. I have a few things from there, and they are beautifully made. You can also see reviews on each product on their website in case you wondered about the quality and fit!

8. People Tree employs over 100 deaf, mute and economically disadvantaged women in India. Women are paid a fair wage, and after three to five years of employment, they receive a bonus that allows them to start a home and often their own tailoring business.

9. People Tree is transparent. They share the stories of the people who make their products here.

10. People Tree's clothes are super cute! All this stuff wouldn't mean a lot if they didn't make products that people wanted to buy, but their products are really great and they get more amazing every year. You can see some of my favorites below!

houndstooth shift dress | made in india (fair trade) | fair trade organic cotton | $209.99

turtleneck top| made in india (fair trade) | fairtrade organic cotton | $69.99

(for sweater version that I'm wearing, click here)

dress | made in india (fair trade)| fair trade organic cotton | $129.99

knitted dress | made in india | fair trade cotton | $144.99

check dress | made in bangladesh (fair trade) | handwoven 100% cotton |$169.99

stripe top | made in india (fair trade) | fair trade cotton | $69.99

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