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These groups were eerily similar to SG Nasi Lemakwhich made headlines in for similar criminal activities, despite its shockingly high membership count around 44, in one group aloneand the subsequent arrests of some admins. Although most of us expressed disgust over the new groups, we ultimately moved on with our lives, like we have countless times before. These happen so often we are becoming inured to them. Unfortunately, victims of TFSV do not always have the option to move on. In addition to experiencing levels of trauma comparable with survivors of physical assault, isolation from loved ones and potential professional repercussions, victims of TFSV also face the constant, inescapable threat of being violated repeatedly - whenever their photos or videos are shared non-consensually with new recipients.

When their images end up online, women are often blamed for having participated in their creation. We zero in on an individual woman and condemn her, without paying heed to the context in which the photo was taken or the content of the photo itself. Photo illustration of a man taking upskirt photos.

Singapore nudes Jeremy Long. But when she wanted to end things, he threatened to release those photos and videos if she went through with the break up. Scared and tired of the emotional abuse she was facing, she sought help from our centre. These are photos and videos co-created by couples in the context of a romantic, often sexual relationship. The voluntary sharing of intimate photos can be an expression of love and intimacy. A second category of photos are taken by someone known to the victim, but their creation and dissemination are non-consensual.

Singapore nudes often see such visuals emerge in the context of domestic violence, with their production and distribution means of control.

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The third category are photos obtained through voyeurism - including upskirting, and photos taken while a woman is sleeping or in the shower. While s might be set to public or private, the photos are subject to a torrent of sexualised comments and framing after being shared on illicit groups.

Often these users are tweens who post everyday photos of themselves and their friends on Instagram — enjoying a meal, goofing around in the park and in many non-sexual everyday activities. Sometimes the photos are digitally altered to exaggerate certain body singapore nudes. In these Telegram chats, personal details of the victim, such as their name, address and links to social media profiles, are shared alongside visuals, turning non-consensual online circulation into offline abuse, including stalking, sexual harassment and assault.

The effects can be wide-reaching. Half of 1, victims who had reached out to the US Cyber Civil Rights Initiatives had seen their full names and social media profiles published alongside their images. Over 20 per cent reported that their addresses and phone s were published along with their images. How do videos and photos of innocent victims end up on disgusting illicit Telegram chats? CNA's Heart of the Matter dives into how one young woman infiltrated those groups and reached out to victims:.

It should be plain to see that perpetrators are culpable for TFSV, not victims. Singapore nudes a photograph of yourself, or posing for a photograph, does not hurt anyone. Sharing those photographs without consent does.

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So it does not help to focus on what women did that resulted in these Telegram chats, or chastise them for innocuous behaviour. Survivors who face victim-blaming are less likely to make police reports and seek further support in their recovery journeys.

But women should not be held responsible for the behaviour of their boyfriends, husbands, exes, voyeurs, stalkers, underwear thieves or bosses who send unsolicited pictures of genitalia. Photos and videos of women will continue to circulate without their consent, and without ability on the part of perpetrators. Singapore nudes consent from a young age should not be a matter of choice. It should be made non-negotiable. For older children, the Council of Europe recommends that parents use real-life examples to explain the risks, dangers, and legal issues surrounding sexting.

If children find themselves exposed, they should have the tools to discuss how to report the offensive materials with a trusted adult and find affirming emotional support. Huge amounts of labour goes into those efforts. And the longer photos and videos stay online, the harder they become to remove.

We hope the new Protection from Harassment Act courts will be sensitive to these nuances, and allow the filing of cases and issuance of takedown requests to be processed within 48 to 72 hours. We can model our system after other effective ones. Social media platforms have a very important role to play here too. They must proactively implement steps to deter non-consensual photos or videos from being shared in the first place. Social media platforms need to devote more human resources to tackling such singapore nudes and provide a clear time frame within which victims can expect assistance.

But just attacking women for sharing nudes is not one of them. Skip Jump to Main. Subscribe to CNA's Commentary newsletter.

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Singapore nudes

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