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This is a great place to ask questions sex forums topix may not feel comfortable asking your friends. Other members of our board will try to help you the best they can. This is a place for married couples and couples that are in committed relationships to discuss their unique issues.

Some of our members remain single for whatever reason. This forum is where singles can share their adventures of being single. Here's a place to share your safe sex tips, questions, comments, debates, or other information. Have you written an article that you would like to share with the other members and visitors of this board?

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So in the interest of honesty we'll call it a minor fiction based on facts. One night my girlfriend had been bugging me to take her out to this comedy club that had recently opened in one of the shore towns because all of her friends told her it was a great place and the comedians were pretty good, so I gave in and said ok what the hell lets go.

He joked around and making a lot of sexual innuendos and actually had two of the women about ready to kiss each other but stopped them just short of their lips touching which had people in hysterics he had my girlfriend reciting nursery rhymes and singing songs with the other woman and then had them dancing without music. All harmless fun and with a single command he had them all come out of their hypnotic state which was pretty funny for the two who had their lips almost touching.

Everyone gave all of the girls a round of applause and of course my girlfriend wanted to kill me, she kept asking what did he make me do, I said you honestly had no idea. She said last thing I remember was sitting at the table with him behind the curtain and then waking up to everyone clapping. He came over to our table last and we both thanked him for the drink, but she had to excuse herself to go to the ladies room.

He and I chatted a bit and he commented that I had a very sexy girlfriend in a sexy Liberian sort of way. He looked up over his drink and said I can help you with that. He said to be honest your girlfriend was the easiest one to put under, I said so you can get a woman to do anything he said yes pretty much anything but fly.

He said leave that to me. She was a little tipsy but pretty impressed and smiling well what do you think she asked. I said hey what the hell sex forums topix have you ever been invited backstage before or will you ever be invited again. To be honest this guy had my curiosity peaked. So, we followed the waitress who lead us back to the dressing rooms and she knocked on his door saying your friends are here looking at me she gave me a smile and subtle half wink if you will did she know what was up or is this something he does regularly I thought as we went inside and sat down.

He explained to her how he has helped people stop smoking, loose weight deal with annoying bosses or husbands just to name a few. When she heard the help, people stop smoking line she was in. And wow what a pair nipples too, I smiled and said oh yeah. With that she began to pull her skirt up and he would say a little higher please, oh a little more, a little more and then he said oh my are you wearing matching panties, you are one very hot sexy lady you should act more like it.

One the outside she was Ms. Conservatively dressed legal secretary but under her dull drab work garb she always wore nice sexy bras and panties and garter belts with stocking. He had her sit back down on the chair facing us by now my cock was getting pretty dam hard and I know his was as well. He then instructed her to concentrate sex forums topix what he was going to say next as this would be the key to help her stop smoking. He told he when ever you have the urge to have a cigarette, I want you to suck your boyfriends cock.

I was like holy fuck! Lori do you understand what I want you to do every time you have the urge to pick up a cigarette, yes I need to suck his cock, are you good at it he asked Yes was all she said you need swallow his cum it will help you.

Do you understand yes, I will swallow his cum. Yes, I want to make him happy. Her answers were direct and to the point with zero inflection in her voice and she just stared off into space.

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I felt both strange and fantastically erotic, he said as far as she is concerned, I am not here. Instead of her pulling away allowing me to shoot my load all over her tits or myself but this time she kept sucking and with in seconds I let out a loud grunt and shot my load into her mouth she sucked and slurped and swallowed every drop of my cum with the exception of a few drops oozing from her lips.

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She did something I had never seen her do before she licked her lips gathering up the last remnants of my cum. She was till kneeling in front of my when he told her I want you to get up now and kiss your boyfriend deeply and passionately, he no sooner got the words out of his mouth when she put her arms around my neck and planted a deep tongue kiss on my lips sticking her tongue as deep in my mouth as she could we held the kiss for a few minutes while we played tonsil hockey and then she released her lip lock saying Lori I want you to get dressed now.

She stepped back her eyes still open and she turned to the chair and put her bra on he told her before you do, I would like to see you play with your nipples, you have very nice nipples. Lori stood there playing with her nipples rolling them between her thumbs and forefingers sex forums topix at them which made them even larger than normal. If he wants you to dress like a slut, you will obey him do you understand?

She then bent over and took her blouse form the chair and put it back on and buttoned up the buttons one at a time and she began to tuck in in her skirt, when he asked would you like some help but before she could answer she unzipped her skirt form behind and pulled it down so she could tuck her blouse in when he asked sex forums topix to bend over and show him her ass, your do have a beautiful ass Lori. She responded thank you and I could see her smiling. She stood bent over wither sating panty covered ass jutting out facing directly at him, he looked at me saying do you mind.

I just shook my head no and he fondled her ass through her panties a little complimenting her on how nice she looked, again she smiled when she thanked him. He told her to finish getting dressed now and sit back down next to your boyfriend. As we walked out Lori in front and him behind me, he whispered this was fun yes, I said I know your in for a fun weekend.

So, we got in my truck and Lori snuggled up next to me for the ride home saying I must really be super horny I just looked at her she said my panties are soaking wet I just laughed maybe your excited about the prospect of finally being able to quit smoking. I drive the rest of the way home with my cock out of my pants Lori playing with it and occasionally kissing it. We both laughed, I said hey how about we go shopping tomorrow maybe pick you up some new things you can keep at my place, hmm some new things that sounds like fun.

Thinking to myself oh you have no idea how much fun its going to be. Tootimid confessions. Boobs is the one answer.

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Also the two, three and four answers. Butt for me a nice ass will always get my undivided attention. Wish I could help that wet pussy. I think if Lonely ed you in that pool neither one of you would be in a relaxed state. A TT Good Morning. Sirlicalotsure does look that way. I hope you like this too? Brought to you by Male Power - made for men who luv the feel of Lace! How's this for inspiration? You have to unwrap to see what is underneath! I'm working on something to help with that to make it a visual reality, in the mean time would like your thoughts about this, made for men who luv the feel of lace by Male Power!

This is shaping up to be an exciting morning already. In Up. I accept.

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