Sakura dungeon ceri

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Ceri was a knight and adventurer from a normal village, but lucky enough to be picked and trained by the legendary adventurer, Maeve. In one particular quest to clear a dungeon, she unseals and unleashes the Kitsune Yomi, who proceeds to capture and enslave her after Ceri's repeated attempts at killing her.

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Outdone and bound by a spell, she and Yomi come to an agreement to clear the dungeon together, as apparently the fox was the former dungeon lord, but was then betrayed. Powers and Abilities: All to a heightened extent, Resistance to forced Teleportation.

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Attack Potency : Wall level Comparable to Rabbits, who can rip a human to shreds with windblasts At least Building level Superior to mages that summon lightningboltspossibly City level Superior to monsters that use earthquakes as a method of attack, and mages that create "terrible, black storms" At least Town levellikely Island level Comparable to Yomi.

Lifting Strength : Superhuman At least Class 5 Comparable to fighters that can lift giant weapons like a hammer with a hammerhead the size of a human At leas Class 5. Stamina : Peak Human Superhuman, can regenerate it so fast that she believes she has limitless stamina Superhuman, can regenerate faster.

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At least tens of meters, possibly several kilometers with optional abilities. Extended Melee Range. Standard Equipment : Sword, several optional equipment such as: Warp Gem Can teleport her back to Yomi's townMagic Scrolls Instantly teaches the reader the magical skill written in themHealth Potion, Reviving Balm Revives and repairs the armor of a party memberElixir Revives, heals and puts everyone in the party to their top conditionWarding Stone Reduces the enemy encounter rateSeeds Permanently increase a set statLuck Statue Gives the blessing of the goddess Fortuna, the goddess of luck.

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Intelligence : High, has been trained her entire life by the very best humans High, is capable of keeping up with millenia old manifestation of combat and war High, far superior in skill to fighters that were alive since the beginning of the world. Weaknesses: Holds a very high value in honor, which can impede with her fighting capability.

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Finds Panda's cute to the extreme Same as before Same as before. Note: All the powers present in her Optional key can be obtained at Mid-Game and later. As such, it should be specified whether she has access to them if Mid-Game and End-Game keys are used. VS Battles Wiki Explore. Featured s.

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Sakura dungeon ceri

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