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We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our site, show personalized content and targetedanalyze site traffic, and understand where our audiences come from. To learn more or opt-out, read our Cookie Policy. Caren Babaknia has a lot of silly videos saved on Snapchat. Since high school, the year-old has stored thousands of random, short clips under his Memories tab. He never thought they would be viewed by anyone or worth anything. That changed last November when Snapchat launched Spotlight, a TikTok-like short video feature, and established an initiative that paid users to post.

It was a rare opportunity for Babaknia, who has hopes of becoming a full-time content creator, to earn money. Vox was not able to independently verify the exact amount Babaknia has made from his Reddit snapchat sexting activity. Babaknia has 45, followers on TikTok after months of consistent posting but has less than 1, followers on Instagram and YouTube and about 5, on Snapchat. Fame, it seems, is not a viable currency on the app unless the user is already internet famous.

For some, that reduces Spotlight to a hollow endeavor, despite the potential to earn from the pool of cash. The way Babaknia sees it, TikTok produces overnight fame, and Snapchat offers overnight riches.

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Still, he acknowledged that the chances of becoming a viral phenomenon are slim on both platforms. Snap might be the cash cow, but the downside is its lack of cultural relevance. Snap is, in its own wordsa camera company sustained on intimacy and existing social networks. These factors continue to attract a steady cohort of teenage users, who enjoy the ability to send and view fleeting messages and posts.

People come for their friends and stay for their friends. But beyond these core social features, Snap has bigger ambitions with augmented and virtual reality. So why, then, is the company dishing out millions of dollars a month on a clone of TikTok? What exactly is Snap trying to accomplish — and do users even care? Once upon a time, like aroundSnap was the go-to app to watch casual, day-in-the-life content from celebrities, influencers, and friends. It satisfied our voyeuristic impulses in one unified feed.

It was like a vertical Instagram Stories, organized in chronological order. The move, unsurprisingly, was roundly criticized by users and celebrities alike. Or is it just me All in all, was a tough year for Snapchat. Advertisers and investors were losing faith in its long-term outlook and ability to turn a profit; celebrities were growing disinterested. Scott Galloway, a New York University business professor revered for his prescient opinions, predicted that a dying Snap would eventually be snatched up by Disney or Amazon.

Nevertheless, Snap persisted. Spiegel was right: After months of grumbling, enough people adjusted. At the Snap Partner Summit in May, the company announced that million people use the app monthly, with about million checking it daily. There is no clear public consensus about its purpose as a platform. Is it an app for messaging, selfies, shopping, or watching? There are divergent perceptions of Snap in the public discourse. One is futuristic, a vision embraced by the company itself.

The other reduces Snap to an app useful for communicating via disappearing messages enjoyed by teens. Snap continues to outrank Instagram according to a national survey of 9, US teens, although TikTok has emerged as a serious contender in the battle for Gen Z. It receives an occasional mention in local news coverage, usually of incidents of bullyingracismor underage sexting that have been documented or occurred on the app. For the most part, Snap remains a quiet afterthought when measured against its competitors, not only among culture journalists, but regular adults.

Snap is reportedly on about half of all American smartphones and reaches 90 percent of Americans ages 13 to Over the past few years, Snap has developed an ecosystem of AR-related products through tools like Snap Kit and Lens Studio — which are geared toward app developers and brands, rather than consumers.

With these tools, developers can create filters, lenses, and other interactive visuals for regular Snap users. And on the consumer end, the company promised more AR capabilities reddit snapchat sexting allow people to shop and search for items, play games, and better connect with friends, brands, and businesses. In their eyes, Snap is at the forefront of building the elusive metaverse. Its partnership with Samsung, for example, will integrate its Camera Kit into all Samsung phones, which Novak estimates to be about 20 percent of all Android devices.

Joey Rauwreda, a year-old high school senior from Michigan, is surprised to hear that adults perceive Snapchat reddit snapchat sexting less relevant than TikTok. It remains one of his most-used apps since he downloaded it in middle school.

Most, if not all, of his friends are on it daily. Rauwreda prefers watching Stories and participating in group chats, and rarely uses camera filters or scrolls through the Discover. In fact, he avoids Discover due to the amount of cringe content he sees. The is driven by clickbait, reality television reddit snapchat sexting, and influencer fodder, with a smattering of TV networks and reputable news publishers, including ESPN, the Washington Post, and the Wall Street Journal.

But it might be bargaining for more than what teen users like Rauwreda actually want. It increased the likelihood of higher-quality content with the promise of cash. That seemed to reddit snapchat sexting. By February, Spotlight had amassed million usersroughly half the amount of daily active users on the app. Yet, at the May summit, Snap hinted at reducing the amount of money poured into the Spotlight creator fund.

Thus, Babaknia thinks his days on Spotlight are ed. Snap likely does, but why should it continue dishing out money at the same pace? Users are growing accustomed to Spotlight as a feature. There is no cultural production from users, just content consumption on Discover and Spotlight and communication.

Spotlight is simply the latest bait to keep users scrolling as it continues to build toward an augmented reality future. Snap cares about Lens creators and developers, who can create complementary products and apps linked to the app that bring in additional revenue. Is Snap a joke of a social platform or is it the future? It depends on who you ask. Our mission has never been more vital than it is in this moment: to empower through understanding.

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How Snapchat became the forgotten social platform