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I was about about 14 when all this happened. I only sent nudes to 2, maybe 3 strangers.

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I deleted Snapchat today because of the paranoia. What are the chances that my nudes got leaked somewhere?

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Is there a way for me to track them down? What can I do to cope with this anxiety? Both exchanged nudes back. Yes, they are very likely on the Internet somewhere, you are probably one of millions. No, they probably won't give you any trouble, any legal organisation using it against you would have to admit the systematically look for child pornography which would reflect bad upon them.

Is the chance of it being on the internet mainly to blame for the adult man?

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I think the chances the teenage boy distributed them is pretty small. It was an entire sexual exchange. I also likely reddit snapchat nude them straight after. I have to ask were these people adults or other teenagers do you know? I remember one teenager same age as me at the timeother was a grown man. That would be considered child porn, you're almost pratically safe, they would be deleted in most of the sites by administrators, if they are on the internet, inly a couple of freak must have them, or they could be chilling in the deep web, but still almost inaccessible.

What I'm trying to say is that you should not worry, the internet is giant and tracing 2 photos of 4 years back to you is impossible. If it's been this long without a problem you are probably fine. If you have the nudes you can image search them to see if they're posted anywhere. If nothing comes up and your still scared, I have more sophisticated tools that may be able to help. I've DM'd you with proof of this. If you do not have the pictures, their usernames can also be cross-referenced.

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If your answer is no to all of these, your odds are extremely close to 0. I would not be worried as a general rule. See, this was on Snapchat, so nothing was saved of the conversation at all.

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Is there anything I can do about this? Posted by 7 months ago. Sort by: best. Advice Guru [88]. Never exchange nudes to people you don't know really well. You have hence nothing to worry about. Continue this thread. Master Advice Giver [22]. Super Helper [6]. Elder Sage []. The chances vary ificantly on the factors. These include Is face shown Is meta-data retained in the photo Was that username used in other sites Was that picture used in other sites If your answer is no to all of these, your odds are extremely close to 0.

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Reddit snapchat nude

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I used to send nudes to strangers on Snapchat, now I’m terrified they’re somewhere on the internet (18F). Is there anything I can do about this?