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Nude twitters in its heyday, Tumblr was a breeding ground for explicit content, both DIY and professionally made. It was a platform where people felt comfortable to express themselves sexually, and showcase the naked body in all its guises. However a mass exodus of NSFW media from the site back in saw droves of users deleting their s and looking for a new outlet for their nudes. But with Instagram and Facebook boasting some of the strictest censorship guidelines on the web, people found a new, unlikely home for their sex-positive content: Twitter. Once a hotbed of celebrity beefs and breaking news announcements, in recent years, your timeline has more likely been dominated by dicks than the musings of Nicki Minaj or Azealia Banks.

Twitter alts basically a second, burner Twitter. Think Finsta, except on Twitter are rapidly on the rise. For xredcheeks, a year-old from Glasgow, setting up his Twitter alt was about creating a space to share NSFW content that people could enjoy without being caught off-guard in the same way they might be if he shared it on his main.

He says that his alt has brought him many positive outcomes — monetary reward, sexual gratification, and a feeling of empowerment and ownership over his body and sexuality. With the loss of Tumblr and real life meet-ups, people have flocked to Twitter to seek out this nude twitters, which in turn empowers them to produce their own. Another example is a year-old fashion stylist from London, who has asked to remain anonymous.

They created their alt to find a sense of community online. I now have a diverse mix of followers. I generally have guys who are closeted, so my anonymity and their discretion is respected, and we have similar s. I am out and proud, but respecting the privacy of the guys I meet or talk to is important and hopefully mirrored by them. He started his alt after losing his job due to the COVID pandemic, hoping to make a bit of extra money via cash tips and OnlyFans while he looked for new work opportunities.

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I probably didn't take running an alt as seriously as some of the porn stars did, so I was incredibly happy with having a nice following. It was completely out of the blue. For over a month I have been begging Twitter to give nude twitters a response on whether I can have the reactivated. The issue here is that many other OnlyFans users rely on Twitter to boost the exposure of their material. In fact, OnlyFans openly promotes the cross-pollination of content on Twitter in order to drive subscriptions. But if Twitter chooses to deactivate or temporarily freeze ancontent creators can expect to see their income swiped from beneath them without warning, leaving them in a precarious position.

An alt can just be for empowerment, sex work, gym progress In some ways, you might consider that Twitter is somewhat a safe space for people to celebrate and exercise exhibitionism on their own terms, but as with anything online, it does have its downfalls.

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Dazed media sites. Advertisers are now trying to hijack our dreams to sell us things. LiveLeak, the notorious host of online beheading videos, is no more.

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How Twitter is becoming more like OnlyFans - and what that means for users