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I just want to end her life She wonders why she has no friends that are girls yet she sleeps with her "friends" exes and current boyfriends and still wonders why I hate her so much not just because of the ice cream drama but also because the day Indiana was born she was chatting up Jake yet was suppose to be my friend and she actually thought she was going to be the god mother of my daughter I may not be with Jake but I did have his child and I do still love him to some extent no matter what I hate him but care for him at the same time and I don't know why If any of my friends speak to him or use to I hate you to be quiet honest.

Taylah lied to Jake saying she didn't do it and he believes her over me now that's sad because he claimed he cared for me yet believes her, so now she has caused Jake and I to have another fight which we didn't fucking need I honestly don't get why guys like her yeah she's easy but she looks like a little fucking montana lee nudes and she also looks like that Gemma Sullivan girl, I honestly hope you die Taylah.

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Montana lee nudes

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montana lee nudes