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Let me just take a moment to state the obvious. It is a fact. We all know this. However, our community is growing everyday. There are new mommies who are looking for guidance on how to take care of their little ones. Shocking, I know. There are those stereotypical things that a daddy must teach a little boy. Love, take care of, and teach your little boy everything he needs to know. OK, you like a harmless, peculiar, thing. I find the thought of you indulging in it unappealing, and a bit of a turn off, but I am happy for you to indulge, as long as you are happy for me not to be involved.

Never hide it from me, and never be ashamed. And hopefully that will go well and then I can be a caregiver to you as a little too! How did this change happen? The things that have really helped have been:. I think that was a white lie, what I needed to hear at the time. Some of them took a while to answer - mommy domme tumblr when I started to ask how it is sexy to him.

If he was stuck on how to answer something, he told me so, and I patiently put it on the back-burner.

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I found his frankness, clarity of thought and ability to articulate some difficult stuff really attractive. It could entirely just be his thing, that he goes off to events to enjoy a few times a year, or in his alone time. This put me at ease - no pressure! That was great. When I started exploring the fetish, he expressed how super happy it made him even if it was a bit surreal for him!

He made it mommy domme tumblr he was really touched that I was even curious. Positive reinforcement is a great motivator! When I expressed an interest in seeing sexy changing times, he hooked me right up with some videos. This has replaced the slightly rougher stuff I was into when I was younger. After seeing a few bits on Tumblr, I realised that changing times might be considered gentle sub-dom. It was a bit less weird than I expected.

In fact, the first video I chose to watch featured lockable mittens and I was over the moon to see such adorable fetish equipment. Lovely smut :. We talk about our fantasies. I may or may not find it super sexy, but that just sounds like a great afternoon! Finally, and most importantly, I think, is he has both a sense of scale and a sense of humour about his ABDL desires. For instance, when I told him I was curious and interested in trying out being a little, he asked if he had to watch Formula 1 with me in return, a sport I love and he thinks is rubbish.

Newp. His ability to laugh at the situation keeps me at ease. I know that I might not - all sorts of situations are appealing in the mind and then you get into them and think.

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Not for me. Confidence is key. If not, all good, glad we got it out of the way ASAP, see you later! Those who participate in these kink communities sexually do so with their partner. These items and roles are only attractive in the context of our dynamic. I know that must be shocking for you. Fresh diaper after the gym. Ready for the day. ABDL adultbaby diaper diaperboy abu preschoolers. A fellow ABDL mommy domme tumblr showed this to us, and it works magically. Quick step-by-step instructions: 1. Start with doing a regular diapering. Get the wearer snugly into the diaper - paying special attention to getting the leg gathers as tightly as possible.

Place your outer, bigger diaper underneath your diaper wearer. How you do this is up to you. I like to cut from between the thighs, from thigh to thigh, with about an inch or so of leeway on each side to avoid cutting the leg gatherers. I would highly recommend cutting further towards the back than I did. You could even flip your partner over if you wanted. From there, you put on the second, outer diaper as usual. Again, pay attention to the leg gatherers and make them as tight as possible. Quick Pro Tip, though: When you remove this contraption, do NOT just untape each diaper like you usually would to take off your diapers.

Just leave the entire thing taped up, use your safety shears, and cut along the both sides of the hips and slide the entire thing off. That will dramatically reduce the mess. Patrons also have the full, non-sped-up version of this video with lots of humiliation-based comments from me. Diaper hike a while back. Felt like a big old lazy cub laying on a tree! When it comes to fetishes and kinks people often make the mistake of looking at them at face value. They focus too heavily on the physical act s that is taking place. At their core, almost every fetish is much more of an emotional and mental experience than it is a physical one.

Going back to the original question… I think what really turns on most diaper fetishists, whether they are into regression, humiliation, bondage or some combination of these, is a loss of control. Controlling our bowel mommy domme tumblr urinary habits is one of the first things we are taught. Having such a base control stripped away has some intense psychological implications.

In the case of adult babies, for example, having to use a diaper helps to regress them mentally. As their control is taken away from them it becomes almost comforting -enabling them to mentally return to a time when their lives were less stressful.

Personally I enjoy wetting my diaper. I enjoy wearing diapers because I like getting to be little and taken care of. They help me feel more secure in times of intense stress. But as long as the fetish is always between risk-aware, consenting adults over the age of 18, who are we to say what that limit is?

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Epicly good response and really great explanation of the underlying rationale many come into abdl with. So here is what a little could do mommy domme tumblr could put me instantly into Mommy mode. There are more things but these are the main things that come to mind when I think about a baby boy doing these things and the effect it would have.

I have not had a baby boy in real life to experience these things with in real life, but I know that when I do find a baby boy and he does these things that I will instantly be put in Mommy-mode without a shadow of a doubt. If you have things that your little has done that puts you in Dom-mode I would love to hear what they are! Posts Ask me anything Submit a post Archive. Accepting my boyfriend is ABDL.

The things that have really helped have been: 1. Lovely smut : 8. We do not have sex with actual children. I repeat: We do not have sex with actual children. We are not attracted to young children. I repeat: We are not attracted to young children. Anonymous asked: How can anyone actually enjoy piss and shitting themselves in a diaper?

That just seems wrong. Mommy Dom Hepace. See this in the app Show more.

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