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Create. Tech is moving so fast, most people cannot keep up without tripping over themselves.

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First it was text messaging, then photo messaging, and now you can even have live video chats. With Kik video chat you can chat with your Kik friends as if you were right next to them.

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To start using Kik video chat, open the Kik app. Then in either one of your private one on one chats or within one of your Kik groups, go to the top right corner of the Kik Messenger screen and tap the Video Chat option to toggle it on.

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You will see a video chat bubble pop up when you start the video chat. Tap the video chat toggle button again to turn it off and leave the Kik video chat. Once you have video chat on, you cannot switch to another chat until you turn it off.

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If you want to chat in fullscreen you can swipe left. Sometimes people are obnoxious and you have to mute them. To mute people on video chat you can tap on the persons video chat bubble.

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Once you've muted someone you'll see the mute icon. You can also mute yourself. This means that other poeple will not be able to hear you.

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So if you have loud noises going on in the background, it will not disturb your group chat. Toggle. Using Kik Video Chat. Kik Girls Browse overgirls who use our site to find new friends.

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Kik Boys Browse overguys who use our site to find new friends. Kik by Location Find kik users near you and all over the world.

Kik web cam

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How to Change the Camera in Kik