Incest chat bot

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Please log in to your. In recent years, online sexual exploitation targeting teenagers has been on the rise.

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Given teenagers' growing reluctance toward face-to-face communication, using a counseling chatbot could be a more effective way to provide teenage victims with necessary information and emotional support. There is a small of counseling chatbots for victims of sexual crime, but none targeting teenagers specifically. This research suggests de guidelines for building a counseling chatbot for teenage victims of online sexual exploitation with a focus on establishing rapport by empathizing with their stories and providing them with the proper information. We conducted in-depth interviews with peer counselors at the Teenage Women's Human Rights Center, who have been consulting teenage victims in their age group using online messengers.

The four key findings from our research suggested using open-ended questions, using teenager-friendly language, helping teenagers understand incest chat bot they are victims and offering age-relevant information. Human-centered computing. Human computer interaction HCI. HCI de and evaluation methods.

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Information Contributors Published in. ISBN: DOI: Publication History Published: 25 April Author Tags counseling chatbot online sexual exploitation rapport teenager. Qualifiers abstract. Funding Sources. Contributor Metrics Expand All. Yuna Ahn Seoul National University.

Yilin Zhang Seoul National University. Yujin Park Seoul National University. Joonhwan Lee Seoul National University. Other Metrics View Article Metrics. Bibliometrics Citations 0 Article Metrics 0.

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Incest chat bot

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