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Home Forums Focused Topics Sex in Marriage Trouble with my husband's sexual desires hotwife complex Tags explination hotwife sex sexuality suggestions. Jump to Latest Follow. Status Not open for further replies. ed Feb 22, My husband and I have been married for 3 years but have been together since hotwife desires were We've grown up together and and shared every experience of adolescent and adult life together. Within the last year, it has come to my attention that my husband has a 'hotwife' interest.

He told me it started when we were in HS and we were in a friend's car with me between him and another male friend. My husband said it started him thinking about how hot it would be to watch another guy touch me. Well, four years ago he and another male friend got drunk and convinced me to have a sexual encounter with both of them. I have regretted it and hated myself for it ever since. I feel dirty and bad because up until that point my husband was the only man I had ever been sexual with.

Three years later I can barely look that friend in the face which is heartbreaking because we were very good friends up until that point. My husband loved it. I recently walked in on him pleasuring himself to porn where a man was watching his ificant other have sex with another man.

I hotwife desires very upset by this as he knows how I feel about porn. It hurt me deeply because we have made our own videos for his private viewing and I don't understand how he could make a conscious choice to watch other women when he has videos and pictures of me.

He explained it wasn't about the other women, but about the scenario of a man watching his wife have sex with another man. Still, it hurt me. I installed several tracking devices on our computer so I could know what he was doing and when.

He swore he wouldn't watch porn anymore. I went out of town to visit my father for a week and when I came back I checked the programs. He had been watching more 'hotwife' porn, so I confronted him about it since he swore he wouldn't do it anymore. Anyway, long story short he agreed that I should be able to have the programs on the computer since he has proven to be untrustworthy and he wants to win hotwife desires trust back.

I told him porn was unacceptable because we have our own videos but that erotic fiction was alright. It's something about him looking at other, real women that bothers me, not him reading about fictitious scenarios. Anyway, after taking our baby over to visit my mom, I looked at our browser history and he had been reading MFM erotica, which is fine, but has now got me concerned.

We have talked about his desires and how he wants to watch me with other men and I have explained to him that it is just not going to happen. I am concerned because we are not on the same sexually.

I do not want to sleep with other men. If I did, I would not have married my husband. It hurts me that he would want me to because it hotwife desires me feel like he doesn't love me as much as I love him, as I would NEVER share him with another woman. I know it is just a sexual preference thing, but I do not understand it.

He has tried to explain that it is about watching me have pleasure, but if that is the case why can't he just watch our videos? I am having pleasure in those, so why is that not enough? We have sex very regularly and it is almost always great, but when I am away from home why are the videos of us not enough to satisfy him? Why does he continue to seek out this 'hotwife' desire? Is there anything I can do to help him feel sexually satisfied without hotwife desires with other men? Can someone please explain to me In non judgmental terms why my husband is turned on by the idea of me sleeping with other people?

I am not judging him, I just do not understand it, as it is not my sexual desire. And is there any way for me to keep from getting my feelings hurt by it? Because they are very very hurt right now. I feel inadequate and am wondering if monogamous sex will eventually not be enough for him.

He has never expressed any desire to sleep with other women and when we had the encounter three years ago, he and the other male never touched, so I am not concerned with 'latent homosexuality'. I really just want to understand why he finds the scenario so arousing, because I do not. Anyone who has this desire, if you could please explain it to me, hotwife desires. I just want to be sexually satisfied and I want the same for my husband, but it is hard to with hurt feelings and without understanding why he feels the way he does.

ed Feb 6, He doesn't love you any less, that's one thing you need to understand. The hotwife fetish is complex for both men and women. There's several variations, but your husband was being completely honest in what he said about it being a turn on watching you with OM. Part of the issue is that you see sex one-dimensionally, which there's nothing wrong with that in itself, but he sees things from a far more liberal perspective.

The fetish itself is fantastic when both parties are on the samebut as you can read from several topics here- married couples are often not on the sameand many times, not even in the same book. As you have clearly stated that you tried it, you felt dirty, and have no reason to do it again. I think the only advice I can offer is that you let him know what the limits are on your involvement in his fantasy- but also understand that hotwife desires very turned on by these fantasies, so why not let him "get it out of his system" by letting him watch the porn once every 15 or 30 days or something?

Or have you thought about maybe roleplaying the fantasy somehow just between the two of you him pretending to be the OM or something? One thing I've noticed with most couples, is that when one gets turned on by something outside the marriage, the spouse inside the marriage tends to see a stronger libido and better sex. Instead of shutting his fantasies out entirely, maybe find a way that you can support the fantasy without having to involve a third party. I used to be part of the "lifestyle" including threesomes, cuckolding, hotwives, etc.

While it's clearly not for everyone, I do honestly believe those drawn to it are not sick or perverted, so much as just finding their sexual stimuli. It's really no different than bondage, roleplaying, or any other "kink", with exception that 3rd parties are involved. Maybe you could also find your own 'kinks' and open up to him about it. If you truly believe simple straight sex, positions, occasional oral is really enough to satisfy a life-long sex life in marriage, then you are fooling yourself.

Maybe it's enough for you, but not for most. My opinion, of course. I do wish you luck in finding the common ground and open honesty between yourself and your husband to make everything perfect in the bedroom. Feel free to message me if you want some more in-depth understanding of hotwives. ed May 1, So your husband has a fantasy that you aren't willing to bring to reality.

That's not gonna turn out too well. You are attempting to control his sexuality and that's going to end badly. Kaboom said:. ed Jan 26, My husband has a fantasy of seeing me with another woman. Is that going to happen? Um not in this lifetime. Lol So he gets his fix by watching girl on girl porn occasionally. It's not personal hotwife desires just something he finds a turn on.

Has nothing to do with me not being enough. It's me he wants to have sex with. Porn to me is like anything else it can be bad or good. All depends on the person watching. It has never been a problem in my hotwife desires year marriage and I'm no longer threatened by it.

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