Gun play kink

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A gun kink is when someone is sexually aroused by images of guns, the feel of guns, the smell of guns, or the sound of guns.

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It could also mean an interest in gunplay that is not sexually charged. The first thing to remember in gunplay is to not use real guns.

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There are gun dildos to substitute them, and if you want pain, you can buy airsoft guns to shoot each other with. But as with anything, you will need to learn how to properly use the airsoft gun.

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I have also seen some drawn and real porn of gunplay! These are safe alternatives to using real guns. Disclaimer: This blog is no longer very active, now most posts are just asking for feedback on current projects.

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Because it hasn't been thoroughly checked in a while some information may be outdated and some links may be broken. Posted on 17th of September, 73 notes Tags: gunplaykinkfetishgunweaponbdsm .

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Today, we are going to be discussing guns! Attraction to guns is perfectly OK, and nothing to shame anyone over.

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