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She was French and looked very cute. Tommy liked her and suggested he would pay her to take pictures of her.

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Paying for pictures? That sounded suspicious. So first she refused. But as Tommy kept piling more and more money on table she realized he really wanted to see her naked. She was not surprised since there was already so much money on the table.

She just sucked his dick and then his big dick just disappeared in her ass.

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Always remember: If you do only anal then you are still a virgin! They fucked in lots of anal positions until he pulled his dick out and came on her ass. Sofia Lee is a hot brunette with big natural tits and a round booty to match. When her and her roommate realize they picked the same outfit for the day, it's a fashion fight and nobody is backing down. Her roommate's boyfriend, Charlie Dean, can't believe his eyes!

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Is he seeing double? Sofia flips her roommate the bird and goes off to do some laundry. As she looks through her things in the dryer, she jams herself right in there. All the sudden, whoops! She's stuck! Charlie hears her cries for help, but he is mystified by her beautiful badonkadonk. Sofia shakes her ass in the air and Charlie yanks down her tights. Is this really going to help her get unjammed from the dryer?

No - but it's way more fun! Sofia's ass gives him a wink of invitation, and in goes a finger. He starts to blast off but not before pouring copious amounts of oil on her ass and making it a slip slidy good time. Sofia enjoys the view from inside the dryer as Charlie gives her an anal afternoon delight.

They fuck their way out of the dryer and Charlie claims he's been bamboozled. But can you blame him when they look like doppelgangers? Sofia shows how magical her ass and pussy are by squirting out of everywhere.

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They better watch out or his girlfriend is going to catch them. Kyler Quinn loves to fuck.

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She has an insatiable lust for huge cocks. Perfect candidate for a Monsters of Cock scene. However, this time around she decided to go a step further. Kyler begged for the BBC to stretch her asshole. Once she was properly fucked, everything culminated with a huge load right inside her mouth, leaving her completely satisfied.

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