Do women like cuckolding

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I see women who do this as worthless whores-it is what men my age 65 were taught to see women who did such things as worthless whores and you know it hasn't changed since 47 years ago when i was taught this. Just for clarification im not into it : its very frequent to have a dominant male to enjoy this kind of thing as well. Dominant and well hung.

Cuckold; the husband of an adulteress, often regarded as an object of derision contemptuous ridicule or mockery. That is the definition of that word. I have an interest in sexual behavior and look into a lot of stuff like this. There's more to a fetish than a definition. All i was pointing out. Do as you wish in the cuckold world though. Some couples have open relationships, not necessarily because of inadequacies of their partners. Some women simply want more or some men just enjoy their woman with another man.

To each their own though. It is a degrading thing and it emasculates the Man and dehumanizing to treat anyone like this. This is a result of over reaching femenist movement. The Bible speaks of sex outside of marriage as immoral and adulterous 1 Corinthians18; ; Galatians ; Ephesians ; Colossians ; 1 Thessalonians Bullseye Sarah- back in the day we called them whores-someone who whores around. This is sinful behavior within marriage. Yeah, and then they get off on being humiliated and used? What the hell is going through do women like cuckolding minds?

That just screams broken person. Seems like it. I could not deal with it. And i don't understand how women could enjoy it either. I wish i would never have to deal with it. Do you have to deal with it? I mean did a girl suggest this to you? Personally I think its only a few women and men, personally I can't even fathom how it couldn't be a niche thing because again, it has no benefit what so ever to the guy and for the woman it just seems like she is going to end up leaving the cuckold and be with one of the other guys anyway so its not likely to work for her either.

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Nah, i didn't have to deal with it and i don't want to deal with this shit in my life. It's absolutely not for me man. I was not even having it suggested. It's just plain and simply retarded in my opinion. Watching your love doing it with another man while you watch it without being able to do anything.

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Dude, this is just so sick. Thankfully the poll show, that most women don't want it, So we are good. Just gotta find a woman, who is not a bitch. Society has gotten all kinds of fucked up but luckily most are not as screwed up as the internet and media would have you believe.

Find a good girl, she will feel the same way you do about it. Especially the media. But sometimes it's not just the media. It's also just some members of society in general. Anyway, it's not something to worry about. Good women deserve good men. So let's do our part and hope for the best and prepare for the worst. HeresJames1 No, no we do not. That's kind of what we are talking about how its so unfathomable to be into cuckolding.

Back in the day men were not like this. Either way, its twisted and they need to seek help you have to hate yourself a lot to be into something like this. No self respecting women would do this garbage.

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I don't like this idea and I am not open to it. I want to know what women think of it and whether they like it or not. And no, I do not face this issue with anybody. I'm single. Vote A. Vote B. Hell no! Vote C. I'm a man. Vote D. Select age and gender to cast your vote:. Your age Girl Guy Please select your age. Share Facebook.

Add Opinion. NicoletteKomotov Explorer. I wouldn't call what I do cuckolding, but it is pleasant. Cuckolding is where the male in the relationship is humiliated and degraded while the woman has sex with another man. I don't like treating people poorly. Now, that being said, I love when one of my guys watches me with another guy or we have a party with fully feminized males Like the gorgeous gurls in the pics below and they all take turns watching me have a gang bang with them do women like cuckolding.

The feminized males bring a totally new vibe to the situation with their sensuality and with how sexy they look and act. Sometimes they like to be in male chastity until I let them have a reward from one of the others that can give it to them. There is a book about this that I recommend to friends getting in to it. Amy-xo Xper 3. Honestly I wouldn't enjoy it but if he was really really into it and wanted me to do it as a one off for him to experience it I would do it, as long as me and the guy I was doing it with were both wearing masks. I'm a very passionate person, and when I'm in love I'm in maaaad fucking love and I wouldn't want either of us to be shared.

I can see the appeal though, sharing something that feels like is yours in a sexual way, breaking the kinda contract of being in a relationship is very taboo, so I understand it but I wouldn't want to do it myself. A truly terrific response from an understanding woman. Show All Show Less.

That sounds stupid. No, normal women don't. There's one Guru level girl on this site, who by her own admission has never had a boyfriend, who seems to be into this. But people who are normally have emotional difficulties. It isn't normal. SarahsSummer 10K opinions shared on Sexuality topic. Not looking for a weenie husband into being degraded. Jesus Christ I hope not. I just do not get this fetish at all from the men and quite honestly from the women.

I mean the guy does all the work and gets no reward while the woman gets to have sex with random guys but is stuck with some one that pathetic, it just doesn't make sense to me at all. That's devastating. I just can't. A lot of women do, obviously, or their wouldn't be any cuckolds in this world.

A lot of men as well, but for either sex, most won't admit to it, for similar reasons like not admitting to being gay. Afraid of what others think. Up Now! Related Questions. Show All. Why are majority of European men such cucks and actually enjoy seeing their wives fuck other men? Are there any women that would like to have there cake and eat it to? Why do so many guys still fail to understand this? If we do not stop making cuckoldry acceptable, will there be consequences in the future of relationships?

Sort Girls First Guys First. The are disgusting. I would never ever want to humiliate my partner. I want the world for her, not hell! I love the idea and it turns me on like mad. Couldn't never share my partner though, so we roleplay with a dildo. Win win. I think most women are against it.

Xper 4. This is just so wrong. It is adultery. That has been proven already. I wish a bitch would try and do some shit like that to do women like cuckolding, they'd be two dead bodies that day. Because they get to sleep with another man they do. PaganGod Xper 6. LegateLanius Master. Related myTakes. What Women Really Want in a Man The road not taken: Dealing with the choices in life we regret!

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Women Will Dominate and Cuckold You (If You Let Them)