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Are you looking for great nudist resorts and nude beaches in Croatia? Are you looking for the best tips for a nude vacation in Croatia? Then our ebook will be the perfect resource for you! Wanna try something really local? Why not use Airbnb? Image by Yacht-Rent.

Become a Patron! Nudist camping in Croatia is almost as old as naturism itself. From way back in the former Yugoslavian times, nude beaches in Croatia were crowded by both locals as tourists. Today this in some of the most beautiful nudist resorts and clothing-optional resorts in Europe.

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Large naturist campings or FKK campings as they are often called here are spread along the coast and especially at the islands and the Istria peninsula. Polari, Valalta which is part of the famous Valamar group and Koversada are probably the best known but also campings like Kanegra, Kovacine or Baldarin stand for a magnificent setting at the wonderful Adriatic coast.

France might still be the queen of naturism in Europe but Croatia certainly deserves a place in the top three. Because of its location and its mild climate, the country is a popular destination for naturists from Slovenia and Hungary as well as Germans, Austrians and Dutch. Get the updated guide now! Contents Get the updated guide now! The first important croatia nudes towards a general acceptance of the lifestyle came together with the British king Edward VIII who visited a beach on the island of Rab together with his mistress Wallis Simpson during their summer holiday in The Yugoslavian government saw this royal skinny dip as a that naturism could improve tourism in the region.

Probably a pretty progressive thought at the time but we imagine them smiling in their graves when they see the Croatia of today. Naturism in Europe really took off after the second world war, especially because of the founding of the INF in Several years later, the owner of a German naturist croatia nudes agency founded the first commercial naturist camping at the Adriatic coast on the island Koversada which hosted the international INF congress in Once again, Croatia was turned into a naturist heaven. The Mediterranean climate means cool but rainy winters and hot and dry summers.

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The summer months July and August are weather wise of course the best insurance for great swimming weather and awesome equal tans but the Adriatic coast tends to get very crowded during this period and prices of camping pitches, rental accommodations and food in restaurants go up. Naturist opportunities in Croatia are centred near the Adriatic coast and on the islands. Most naturist resorts on the mainland can be found on the Istria peninsula in the north of the country. The campings come in different sizes. The large ones are real naturist villages catering for more than 5 guests per day and the smaller ones have a maximum population of several hundreds.

For your convenience, we will give an indication about the capacity for the listings in this guide. The amount of free beaches tends to become less during high season when they are often crowded by textiles so we are not going to list all of them. Also note that most naturist campings have their own nude beach, some are private and others public. This croatia nudes peninsula in the north of Croatia, right at the Slovenian border might well be called the Croatian naturist heaven. Not only are the largest naturist campings in the country located here, naturism has become this common in the area that the coasts are full of unofficial nude beaches.

Or in some cases just clothing optional. Naturists do have to share this beach with surfers. Some 5km south of Umag near the town Karigador is a nice rocky beach called Ladin Gaj. Toilets, showers and changing rooms are available as well as sun beds. Only the southern part of this beach is naturist.

There are no facilities and no shade. Nikola beach. Actually, the island is a merge of two islands called Sv. The beaches on Crevni Otok are pebbled and attract a lot of naturists during summer months. Getting there can be done via a 15 minute boat ride from Delfin port in Rovinj. Boat transfers are free for guests of the Hotel Istra. The uninhabited stretch of land just south of Rovinj offers quite a lot of opportunities for the naked sunbather. Lots of small unofficial croatia nudes beaches can be found in this area, especially around the auto camps Colona and Mon Perina and nearby the Barbariga fortress.

Right at the southern most tip of Istria, just south of Pula town, lays a small village called Premantura on the Kamenjak peninsula. Around town croatia nudes lot of coves and lagoons can be found which are often visited by naturists.

More up north but on the eastern side of Istria peninsula is the popular summer resort Rabac.

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All facilities are on the textile part of the beach. About two thirds of this campground is textile and the other third is naturist. Both sides have beach access, sports facilities, toilet and shower blocks, a bakery and a restaurant. The shop is on the textile part. On the naturist side, only camping pitches are available. Rental accommodation can be found on the textile side.

Koversada Naturist Park. Among the facilities are two supermarkets, 3 restaurants, 4 bars, lots of sport activities, an ATM and more. Pets are allowed on the camping. Koversada also has a small private island. Restaurants, shops and sports facilities are available on the textile part. The camping is located at walking distance from Rovinj town. More than camping pitches and rental accommodations like bungalow, apartments and caravans provide the necessary comfort for your stay. There are 3 supermarkets, 2 shops, 4 restaurants, 4 fast food places and 4 bars on the campground.

Sports facilities, a swimming pool, an ATM and several others are there for your use. As well as a 2. Some with pool. The private 2. Facilities include a swimming pool, sports activities, a supermarket, 4 restaurants, a bar and an ATM. Animation is foreseen for the little ones and the larger ones. Guests have the choice of more than camping pitches, rental bungalows and apartments and around air conditioned caravans.

Other facilities include a swimming pool, an inflatable water park, several sports facilities, a wellness and bicycle or boat rental. The campground has a croatia nudes. CampingIN Kanegra. The camping has 2 beach restaurants, sports facilities, an ATM, massage service and a private nude beach. When you think about visiting Croatia, probably the naturist paradise Istria and the Dalmatian coast between Split and Dubrovnik are the first places that come to mind. Located right in between the Istrian croatia nudes and Dalmatia, Kvarner has a relatively short coastline on the mainland but several great islands to explore which are known for their many hidden coves and pebble beaches, their charming port towns and huge areas of unspoilt nature.

Croatia nudes you like to get away from the big crowds during the summer months, Kvarner is certainly an area you want to consider. Follow the s from the textile beach to get to the nude part. There are several other bays in the area that tend to be frequented by naturists. Unije is a small island without hotels or campings where naturism is quite common on its beaches if you walk away from town.

Susak is another wonderful small island at the coast of Cres and its beaches are very popular among naturists. The entire island is made of sand and so are of course its beaches as well which make them more comfortable than many others in the area. There are no ro or cars on the island. The beach consists mostly of coves which are perfect for naturists who prefer some privacy.

Sometimes a colony of dolphins can be spotted. The camping has a 2km private nude beach, sport facilities, a small port and an Croatia nudes. The camping is conveniently located nearby the town Cres, has many sports facilities, a restaurant and a fast food place but all of these are located at the textile part. Also no rental accommodation is available at the naturist side of the camping. There are camping pitches and 33 rental mobile homes. Most have air conditioning and allow pets. The campground has a restaurant, a fast food place and a grocery store. Plenty of sports facilities are available among which a surfing school.

Bunculuka has a 1. Konobe has camping pitches and a limited of rental caravans. The camping has a mini-market and restaurant, massage service, sports facilities and an ATM. A beach where dogs are allowed can be found at m non-naturist.

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The 1. A sandy naturist beach on the northern tip of the island. The most easy way is to come by boat but road access is available as well. In CNN called this area one of the most desirable ones for tourists around the world. Right around the corner of Ciganka beach is another nude beach called Sahara.

Sometimes a boat comes by offering food and drinks. Most visitors prefer to come by boat but road access is available from Lopar.

Croatia nudes

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