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The discussion and advice provided are for educational and harm-minimisation purposes breath play kink. There has also unfortunately been an autoerotic asphyxiation fatality recently in Aotearoa, so we wanted to talk to someone from the kink community to help us understand the risks and paint a more realistic picture of this type of play.

Breath play, in the consensual kinky sense, is a broad term that covers the restriction of breath, often by another person. Asphyxiation is the technical term for being deprived of oxygen. Asphyxiating or restricting your breathing whilst alone is extremely risky, and not recommended. There are some major risks with breath play, due to oxygen or blood deprivation to the brain. This puts the person on the giving end at risk as well, as people cannot legally consent to be killed. There is also an inherent risk of causing cardiac arrhythmia abnormal heartbeatsand potentially cardiac arrest.

There are also less fatal risks, particularly if there has been no education, discussion or consent.

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These include, but are not limited to: damage to ligaments, blood clots, bruising, emotional or psychological trauma, as well as the potential of being charged with assault if the person on the receiving end was not consenting - not to mention, of course, the harm done to the non-consenting partner.

Reduction of oxygen or blood flow to the brain can lead to a feeling of light-headedness, and sometimes euphoric sensations.

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That can be a rush for some as well. Kinksters who do engage in these acts, tend to do so within established dynamics, and after having done their research and gained consent. Distressingly, some people also use the normalising of such play as an excuse to seriously hurt or even kill their partners. Getting educated! Go to workshops, read literature, learn about when things have gone wrong. Check for health issues - someone with a blocked nose or a sinus infection has extra limitations, for example.

It can be valuable both for breath play and for a variety of other kinky engagements including more common scenes, such as using rope to have been to a First Aid course, learned CPR, and have safety scissors present.

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The best way to minimise harm and to keep safe is to normalise:. There are also groups and gatherings within various kink communities specifically for queer folx, so there are spaces that are explicitly non-mononormative. Even if you view choking as 'vanilla', it's still dangerous and should absolutely not be done without consent.

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Ultimately, consent is the most important part of any sexual encounter, and an encounter that includes breath play is no exception. She also lives with chronic illness and its subsequent energy limitations and has become practised at time-management and self-care. As a counsellor, Dee provides talk therapy and support for people within the rainbow, kink, and consensual non-monogamy communities, as well as to folx wanting to explore their identities.

If you want to learn more about Dee and the work they do, check her out - here. Any personal information that you provide to us, or authorise us to collect, will be collected and used in accordance with the Privacy Act and our Privacy Policy. For further information, please ask us for a copy or view the Privacy Policy now. You have the right to access and request correction of your personal information by contacting us using the details in our Privacy Policy. Life with HIV. Recently Diagnosed.

Get Involved. Get a Test. Get Counselling. Living with HIV. Free Condoms. Free HIV test. Book a Test. What are some of the obvious risks involved? How breath play kink do you think this type of play is? Do you think stigma around this kind of activity adds to the risk? How can we as a community mitigate that to keep our people safer? Breath play kink best way to minimise harm and to keep safe is to normalise: Educating oneself, communication, negotiation and consent every time, and Learning first aid and keeping those skills up to date.

Do you think our queer communities are more likely to engage in kinkier play? If you could have readers take only one thing from these answers, what would it be? Coming out to your doctor. SexToy Review: Rotating Masturbator. Your name:. Your :. Thank you We look forward to keeping you updated. Our Locations. The NZAF network. No available.

Breath play kink

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