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Review our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service to learn more. Got it! Search a title or topic. Hotwife Podcasts. Download the App! From sex best hotwife to the latest swingers in the news, you'll hear our take on it.

A sex positive podcast where members of the ethically non monogamous lifestyle can share their stories. Please share you sexy stories with us and our audience by calling Hump-Day. This is an informational podcast about Swingers and Swinging.

Also known as The Lifestyle, navigating the ins and outs, and ups and downs to sharing your spouse with others isn't always easy. We're best hotwife to let you know that you're not alone! with question, topic suggestions, guest suggestions and cocktail ideas. Follow my journey from fantasy cuckoldress to real life cuckoldress exploring the realms of cuckolding.

After years of discussion, and humouring my cuck husband's kink, it occurred to me that to deny being his cuckoldress was to deny him part of his sexuality. As a loving wife, perhaps I ought to take on lovers known as bulls in the cuckolding lifestyleand satisfy my sexual needs to satisfy his?

We're Eros and Isis, a happily married, mid 30's couple that shares our experiences in the swinging lifestyle. We tell it all in juicy detail. We chose the name Priory Society because being in the swingers lifestyle is like being part of a Secret Society.

We have to keep our activities priva While my marriage looks mostly normal from the outside, I fully control my husband through the chastity device that I have his "manhood" locked in. Follow along weekly as I bring you up to speed on where we are now, and how an outwardly vanilla life operates alongside a very kinky secret life!

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She decided to share her own truth, stories, lessons and experiences with those searching for a hotwife point of view. This podcast will chronicle the hotwife adventures from a Latina's perspective. We're Emma and Fin! We're a married couple in our early thirties who have been exploring non-monogamy for over a decade. Every week we best hotwife people from across the spectrums of gender, sexuality, and relationship styles to hear their amazing stories.

Many of our guests identify as swingers or polyamorous. However, quite a few have redefined non-monogamy in their own way by blending swinging and polyamory into a unique hybrid that works for them. We hope that by giving a voice to the Welcome to the Venus Cuckoldress Podcast - a place to learn all things cuckolding for the curious, the passionate, and the sexually empowered woman who wants it all.

Visit www. A married couple living a not so "normal" sex life full of kinkiness and adventure.

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We share our stories and answer your questions on all things sex and relationships. Candid stories and reflections of a newbie Australian Hotwife in her early 30s To connect with The Authentic Hotwife and other listeners, visit reddit. This podcast best hotwife the tales of Myrina and Tristan, a longtime married couple who accidentally stumbled into the swinger lifestyle. They discuss and navigate the topics of consensual non-monogamy, open relationships, sex-positivity, kink, alternative love and lifestyles.

Listen to their adventures, learn their lessons, laugh at their misadventures, and enjoy their amazing journey. This is an over 18 adult podcast about our adventures in the Swinging Lifestyle! We hope you enjoy listening as much as we enjoyed creating it!

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An original, erotic drama, based on a real Female Led Relationship. Welcome to Front Porch Swingers, where we discuss sex on our terms. We talk hotwifing, swinging, BDSM, and so much more, in the hopes that we will inspire you to enjoy sex on your terms! No best hotwife clinical tutorials here; We prefer to share our real-life adventures to both titillate and educate! A Podcast dedicated to the cuckold and hotwife lifestyles.

TheCuckening is a podcast by and for cuckolds, hotwives, bulls, swingers, stags, vixens, and anyone else in the lifestyle. A sex positive podcast that provides a shame free perspective on all things sex. Nothing is off bounds in this uncensored podcast, delving into all the juicy and taboo topics you can imagine. Most importantly this podcast aims to break down the stigmas surrounding sex and provide the tools to create a liberating sexual experience for everyone. Disclaimer: the educational information within this podcast does not take place of professional or medical advice.

We all have sexual fantasies or secrets. That's what my show is all about. Every week I read letters and s I've received where my listeners share sexual encounters from their past.

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Often, this is the first time they've told anyone else about them. My name is Nikky, and I'm the host of the show. I've worked in the adult industry as an entertainer and more recently a podcast host. Why not let out that secret you've been wanting to share? You'll get the thrill of thousands of people hearin In our podcast we talk about relationships, sex and dating as well as random things from our crazy world. We love helping listeners out with advice so send us your questions or thoughts! Veteran Swinger couple and Lifestyle party promoters Mr and Mrs Mocha offers their explicit and often humorous take on the secret life of sex in the Lifestyle and interview a wide range of sexually active people in the Lifestyle community.

Expect to be immersed in the unfiltered Sexcapades, Sexplorations, and Kinks that touches on everything the Lifestyle has to offer. We talk about best hotwife swinger lifestyle from the perspective of a married interracial couple. We have had an enjoyable experience thus far with many ups and downs. The lifestyle has made us stronger, closer, and have an all around great time while doing it. Enjoy the show Question: How much sex do you want?

Answer: ALL the sex! Want to be a part of our show? Find us on Skype at " live:theflirtingfox ". Welcome dear guests to Livin' the Suite Life! We're Loq and Tryst, and we'll be hosting you in the suite - a swinger lifestyle podcast best hotwife on and driven by you, our guests.

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We are a Black married couple who are eager and excited to share our thoughts and perspectives on navigating the lifestyle. We've left you a key at the front desk. So, come in, make yourself comfortable and us in the suite as we best hotwife any and everything. Be ready to hear about sexy vacations, hot clubs and part Play Pause. Play later. Between bringing flowers and looking sharp as hell, this guy went above and beyond to make it memorable. Hear how he screwed up the curve for future guys A hotwife retelling not to be missed! Plus, why is Br….

We dive deep into some steamy details from our trip to a sexy house party hosted by The 2HotWives! We share our thoughts on the incredible set-up of their "Heaven and Hell" themed party and the beautiful crowd who attended.

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Mostly, we chat with our Suite-Talkers about how we made some pretty incredible discoveries in our play style! As always, than…. Kevin tells us how he and his wife got into hotwifing. Just like that, my college roommate and I were lesbians!!

A quick intro to some Butt Stuff.

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